Reflecting into the past

Friday, July 23, 2010

So confused.......but hey I"m 20 days clean all ALL narcotics!!!!!!

Well I just made a huge post and for some reason my dog-gone blogger deleted it all.... gee It must not have been "positive" enough....... bottom line..... on a good note, I'm 20 days clean of all narcs today!!!!!! And I'm working on putting some balance in my life and a lot of ppl are getting hurt because of it..... I don't intend that.... I have the biggest heart and will do anything for anyone but I know that I must grow a lot stronger before I take much else on.......i just know God is my rock and I must depend on Him......and I"m working on that..... God knows I am!!

K so that was the shortest post I've made in awhile but grrrrrr and I had SO much more to say!! Imagine that!!! :-)