Reflecting into the past

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well it's been a LONG time since I posted to my blog.... I think I'm going to start blogging again....
Life has definitely changed a lot since I last posted. I am clean.... 9 months to be exact! I've been taking subutex and it's keeping me clean. Life has been wonderful since I got clean. I just found out, too, that the doctor I was seeing in Georgia was just sent to prison for 40 years for running a pill mill. He could have dang near killed me with all the drugs he was giving me. I was getting 240 roxy 30's, 90 dilaudid 8's, 60 opana 40's, 90 somas and 120 valium. I was slowly killing myself, I think. But I got tired of laying around half baked all the time and not really living a life, so I decided to get clean once and for all. It was HARD, but I did it and now life is wonderful! I'm actually working, too! My husband and I do mystery shopping together and it is fun most of the time. It's a variety of work and it pays pretty decent. We also just started a travel business. It's the World Discovery Club. Y'all should check it out at Just put your name and email in there and I'll send you more information about it. It's a wonderful business, really. It's like owning a timeshare without all the maintenance fees and best of all, you get to travel for really cheap!

World Discovery Club

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I'll be in touch.... I haven't felt this great in ...... actually, I don't remember EVER feeling this good! So glad I kissed drugs goodbye!!