Reflecting into the past

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Telling God how I feel?

Ok so I just read Psalm 101 and 102. The writer in 102 is telling God how badly he feels.... he even says in one verse "I can't sleep!" .... gee, I know how that feels..... and it feels horrible... but sometimes I think God isn't really concerned with the little pity feelings that I have..... but that couldn't be further from the truth! He really wants us to talk to Him about how we feel.... and right now I'm angry that I have an addiction that I haven't yet seem to be able to beat... I'm angry that I had to give it up even! I'm grieving pills as dumb as that sounds...... there are so many crazy mixed feelings.... but it's good to know that I can tell them to God and He won't judge me or hold them against me... He will even understand them! The first half of the psalm (102) is the writer talking about how badly he feels.... and the last half of the Psalm is praising God..... it appears it made the writer feel much better after venting to God about his feelings...... this might be a very simple way to take my Bible reading.... but it's what I got tonight...... so I'm going to go lie down and just pray and tell God how I feel.... (even though He already knows.... )